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For each new morning with its light,

For rest and shelter of the night,

For health and food,

For love and friends,

For everything Thy goodness sends.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

14th-Nov-2007 01:34 am - You. finito.

You. finito.
A memory,
a simple unwanted discardable memory,
once king-on-the-mountain you
soon to reign in the scrap pile
of don juans & gigolos (caro mio),
finally the finale (finito).

Was once a time,
moment in time (ahhh memento),
when your facade played the room
to every dance face smiling by -
your propensity to infidelity & lies
took them from some ballroom girl-of-a-whirl
inside your world of bar room girls -
the price they paid was total.

I am a whisper -
a throaty whisper
which visits in your ear, to
echo throughout your mind.
No. You shall not forget me,
my image has been well engraved -
may creep from behind your eyeball
flash itself upon the screen
of your closed eyelid
at any time,
to remind you;

of once upon a time -
when you were king -
full of know-it all-ledge,
king-on-the-mountain (king of sin),
carnal, (per favore),
known for baiting (cleverly waiting),
on ballroom to bar room girls -
you rode them Ferris wheel called Never Stop.
your Muses in their ring side seats -
watch your final act upon the heap -
of aging mediocrity, albeit at the top!


9th-Nov-2007 10:13 pm - Deadly Glance

Deadly glance

Sinister one-eyed Jack
could out-stare
fresh killed eyes open
with keen precision,

if looks could kill -
his arrows of ice


Photo by Pivi
28th-Oct-2007 12:27 pm - Halloweaned


There's nothing hallowed
about this day,
druidism is your Way?
More's the wayward mind,
wide-eyed drunk,
shriveled and shrunken
talking heads,
spiked -
like an olive on a tooth
on wrought iron wills.

Cats gutted & strung up,
charred -
for the fun of it,
mores lost
to treatful days
long past,
a loaded bag
up on granma's porch,
a trick
too common
to make a stink.

By today's standards,
it's no teen with a match
sans malice -
it's your 7 year old -
wielding daddy's torch
with a bead on
your head!

What used to be good
old-fashioned mischief
has turned evil eye -
now life imitates art.

Mom says
"don't let your imagination
run wild with you tonight,
my little precioussssezzzes,

run amok
out of control."


isn't it just like man
to kill,
when a boo will do?)

12th-Oct-2007 02:07 am - A Stour Guy's Preamble

FEAR and ANGER..1983. R.S. Connett

A stertorous audience turns a deaf ear:

A Stour Guy's Preamble

Maybe it starts small
then festers,
a slight here a slight there
then pesters
presses on,
grows to fill the insides
the way air pumps up balloons,
contained yet unrestrained
when let go.

It's senseless
who has the time

all this, within the body balloon,
blood-red damn race-car coursing
rally, with fuel-ups at Jugular
& Aorta Avenues,
avoiding Stroke Station
like a bat out of hell - but
wait! what a wreck! leaving nothing but
burn-out wearing a purple face.

It's so senseless
who has the time

its consumption can kill you -
obsession steal from you -
turn you inside out,
throw you for a loop,
end over end over end
over and over and over again.

It's so senseless
who has the time

Stoking the never-ending fire,
anger and revenge becomes you
when hate is life's only desire,
who would want to dwell in
a place so base -
it precludes love, tenderness, woman
and wife,
a heat-seeking missile
like attracts like,
hate has sharp eyes and a tongue like a knife -

it's senseless,
who has the time

you're such a smart bomb -
I hope you find yourself.

4th-Oct-2007 12:09 am - !!! PRAYERS ANSWERED !!!
I just want to thank everyone who dropped by here to leave your well wishes and prayers for my beloved,Rascal.  I'm so happy I can tell you that Rascal is out of the woods (once again! Thank you, God!), and getting better and stronger each day!   I truly believe if there was any residual cancer in his body, he wouldn't be able to recover this well nor this quickly.  I don't take this good news lightly, I take it as the strongest evidence for God's Promises to those who love Him.   He taught us to pray for one another which I think is the best gift one can give another, in good times and in bad.  All my friends here are a testimony of God's love for *me* through *your* kind words and caring hearts.  Thank you, all.  {{{huggs}}}

29th-Sep-2007 03:06 am - pssst...


O, stargazer

what do you see

up in the skies,

a glimpse of the universe

and all its little eyes



O, to dwell

among the ethers,

watch this scene on nigh,

mindful star observing

the heavens floating by

to don the veil of night

hide behind the moon,

of night's music,

the stars

its fading tune...


24th-Sep-2007 05:19 am - Update on Rascal
Rascal is feeling better. He returned to the vet several days ago and received antibiotics by injection, oral antibiotics were changed, and he was put on Pepcid twice a day.  The tumor removed from his leg several months ago was cancerous.  We were informed that his present infection my be due to low resistance which may indicate that the cancer may have metastasized.  I don't think this is the case and plan on finding out how it can be ruled out.  Rascal has come through a number of dilemmas because of his irrepressible spirit and my irrepressible optimism.  I don't think he would be feeling better, keeping his food down, holding his tail up, and giving us some sass if there was something more than an infection going on in him.  I plan on holding on to the thought that Rascal the Great will continue to recover and come out of this  present setback the victor. 

Fantasy on the Half Shell



                to shifting











                wet -



                            I hear..                      


Cartwheels in mariah

Walking with my dog and the wind -
I feel Your Presence well up in me, breathing
over dew-covered grasslands -
shining out from smiling face of daisies!

I’ve been away from my blog recently because of my eye, which is about the same, but I'd plan on being back by now except that my beloved Rascal was very recently diagnosed with a heart problem. I’m researching what holistic treatments might be available for him. Rascal’s 7 years old and has health problems; when he was barely a year old, he was bit on his face and neck (and possibly inside his mouth!) 3, maybe, four times by a copperhead. I nursed him back to health over more than a year's time; had to stay home the first week with him, and then I had to take him with me to my job every day so I could tend to him. It was a slow - very slow - recovery and my bond with him now is very strong. He needs me, and I’ll do anything I can to get him well again. He’s *that* precious! I’m sure those of you with fur-kids of your own know what I’m talking about, Amen?

To read how I saved his life after being attacked by that  %*&#@!  poisonous snake (copperhead), you can read it at:

Rascals Home Page.htm

Don't go too far though as I plan on popping in here to read y'all's po'try 'bout daily - and I will make comments!  So, you have been warned.  (hee hee)  :-D

My dear friends, yesterday I suffered a vitreous detachment in my left eye.  Ophthalmologist reassured me it wasn't anything serious, and I'm not in any pain whatsoever, but I have floaters, gaze-like, web-like, jelly-fish-like vitreous floating, darting, stalling and freaking me out to the point it's a little disturbing to be on the 'net reading for long.  I shall take a few days off..  maybe until after Labor Day weekend.  Blessings to all, and good thoughts go out for your enjoyable Labor Day weekend. 

I *will* be back..   I can't be got rid of that easily..ya know..   :)
23rd-Aug-2007 10:58 pm(no subject)

a reason to fly high, give thanks, touch
four corners of God's blanketed blue,
with arms out-stretched, heart-skipping
childlike, this I-love-you that's-how-much
wide-eyed; this, written in God's wide open
smile strewn across waves of red poppy
ocean fields, covering a multitude of
scintillating squint-eyed silvery lies,
oh the deep deep blue of love-color hue,
a reason to high-five life with all its
sordid details run lemming to the sea,
see me rejoice! see me sing! say all this!
my reason, my whatever reason, I owe it to


16th-Aug-2007 05:30 am - Loving Place
Loving Place

Come, take me in Your arms
I pray, face me, Face to Face,
so Soft the woman in Me - longs
to Linger - in the tenderness
of your Embrace - soft grazing
fingers - your hand well placed -
Hush me, look into My eyes -
and fall into a Loving Place.

Come, Hold me in your heart
I say, Embrace me, Soul to Soul -
a Gift to thee I Give, to Live
Forgotten Dreams in knowing Me -
in loving You - I set thee Free -
our love together make us whole -
and yes, I look into Your eyes
..and know My loving Place.

15th-Aug-2007 03:47 am - Many Miles

Many Miles

We've walked together many miles 
Upon this road - called Life -
And by-the-by I've learned some things
Some good - some not so nice.

Life offers us both Likes and Loves
They're out there - everywhere -
So hush - and look and listen - please
Be still - and step with care.

For God has given everything
From Eyes - to Grand Design -
And puts us on a different Path
With different Peaks to climb.

Together - Rivers wide we crossed
Together - Roads we walked
With every mile - we sang and laughed
And cried - then barely talked.

Rivers - mountains - crossed them all
Now hushed - I step with care
I drank too deeply - then I cried
To learn of life's Despair.

I reawoke - one gracious morn
To see the Dawn - out there -
In subtle Hues - the Darkness left
And - Light - now Everywhere.

15th-Jul-2007 05:30 am - Ode to Woman*

She rode in on rare Castle Rock air,
    head tilted towards a dream -
vision voiced bell-ring clear &
    fate fixed -
Parched labor long, now drawn
    into life's rich and vibrant stream.
Refreshed and strong, purposed
    longings revived,
    foreseen off on horizon's
    edge -
She claims her frail fraught albatross -
    tacit strength anew, knowing
she steers her own fortune.

Twinkle-eyed and amiss in
she holds her gifts out of sight -
(like stars aglow for midnight).
she stoops to a broken stem,
Lifts life's trembling rose,
    lips to bloom,
Misses not its message lost
    in heart-felt gloom -
Boldly keeps a keen eye
    to any new emerging storm,
    with adjuvant ear to ground.

Life being like that
     she preens it -
Will ferry no linger nor look back,
She's on a different track -
    at life's breach where no man stands
    for long.
Worn reins in a pair of hands,
    she knows,
A steady steed knows of where it goes -
It sets a steeled course,
Eye on far off fertile land
    where a rare wind blows.

She stops,
Clears the air of heady thought -
Draws an eye over, and high above
    to a glide pattern
    old Eagle Eye plays to -
Catching fetching golden rays,
Soon to settle in its rest -
Far from eyes that stare him down;
She, in wingless gaze task to the test
    with hope to rote,
 Traces its glorious flight to nest.

She owes no man quarter -
She lives to give, and reins
    the gains
    of many returns,
Her gifts - lost on those who lack life's bright
    and heady light -
 Are hidden in plain view
    for those who know -
Innocence is soul's sight.

When her purposed hands
    expand on Rock -
    the earth nods -
Rowing white waters
    the river sings -
    earth curtsies -
Follows her rhythm
    down to Sublime;
No simple way to read her soul
    than to walk through it,

this, a soft-footed, brown-haired
    lithe-limbed warble-voiced bird;
It's why the earth loves through her hands
    like panned gold -
It's how she knows the silence
    running beneath hop-scotched snow -

she flows..

Twinklized, this one knows
    no permanent perch,
    she learns, she flows -
Better to scope the swoop
    like Eagle Eye
and harmonize her nest -
    she learns, she earns
With an eye to eventual rest.

There is a name for this -
    hidden within a miracle
    hidden within a name.
Do you hear it?
You shall know it.

It sounds of a clear,
    clean heart,
Plum of nature's best -
It's ridden the river,
    been put to the test -
Pools out a mind
    for all who thirst,
Will drink too deeply for
    all life's hurt -
Will wear pain like a cross
    and love like a curse,
Fought in a breach left
    where no man stands.

She's one of the Ancient Ones
    she's one of the blessed -
Makes your life a purpose
    as she makes your life a nest -
Purpose makes for perfect life
    and she your perfect rest.

This is a miracle -
    this, a name anew -
This a miracle -
    the One who Calls for You.

Copyright (c) 2007, poeticjustice
*Formerly Ode to Maggie. Upon further reflection, I believe this tribute belongs to all women.

        don' you go messin' wit me, baby

o lay me down dis tired ol' frown round
yonder under mizzz ol' willer tree,
ponderin' wha side o heaven dis might be
surely nothin' out dere gonna mess wit me,
no, nothin' out dere gonna mess wit me.

o baby,
I gots de time an' I be born free
only livin' an' lovin' been on mah mind,
so leave me be - just leave me be
ain' nothin' out dere gonna mess wit me.

o lova boy my, come on by, 'bout an hour or so,
when mah mind ain' lazy an' mah thoughts can flow,
gonna give ya what ya want cuz mah heart ain' cold,
miiiii but
yer such a lovin' man, I'ma lovin' woman I'm told.

ahhh darlin'
let me sing mah tire' ol' songs
ones about loves, an' ones about wrongs,
an' never git tired o singin' de blues
lak I'll never get tired o lovin' you.

so leave me be - just leave me be,
ain' nothin' out dere gonna mess wit me,
just livin' and lovin' just livin' as me
an' nothin' out dere gonna mess wit me,
no baby
ain' nothin' out dere gonna mess wit me.


Revised 9.27.07
21st-Jun-2007 01:37 am - Haiku

Oh look a gold sun
rays spread out unfolding reach
to the ends of earth.

Your Score: The Otter

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***Wondering how this animal was chosen for you? These questions were carefully thought out to see how important you hold certain virtues such as: humanism, self-knowledge, rationalism, the love of freedom and other somewhat Hellenic ideals. Some of the questions were very subtle. Your score was then matched with an animal of corresponding nobility. However, you shouldn't think this was a right/wrong sort of test, but more of an idealistic values test. It's ok to not hold these values, you'll just get an animal spirit of lower stature if you do!***

Link: The What is Your Spirit Animal Test written by FindingEros on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
20th-Jun-2007 12:55 am - Felician Fingers Strum
        Felician Fingers Strum
        I watch Night settle over me
        with the gentleness of sleeping baby
        at its mother's breast
        and wonder where you are
                and wonder where you are..
        Somewhere on distant shores
        Felician fingers strum a melody
        the waves seem to carry out to sea
                and wonder where you are
        Don't tell me you've never held the hand
        of love - for just one moment -
        as love has been your companion
        for years untold
                and wonder where you are
        Felician fingers strum our song
        of Love and simple Truth
        to ride the winds and search afar
        and wonder where you are
                and wonder where you are..

18th-Jun-2007 04:12 am - Dry Bones in Minnesota
Dry Bones in Minnesota

You'd stand there arms crossed
in front, gathering your waist
with floured hands, a pause
from oven to table, your silhouette
perfectly framed in stained glass,
staring out over potted pansies,
eyes following the sagging line,
a clothesline too close to ground,
bird bath rimmed in chickadees,
dry bones and brittle branches,
skin cracked and peeling -
old birch out back reminds you,
your own sore dusted marrow.

You'd bend to tender roses hand picked
for you and he, now Grandpa's Place,
a place which claims my roots,
in the yard out back among Queen Anne's lace.
Thinking back now -
to earlier days of gathering;
lilies-of-the-valley, Becky, little bells &
cockleshells, kindling, and purple violets
placed within your favorite vase
upon the kitchen window shelf,
with little purpose hands,
where your tender gaze would rest
oh Grandma
how I miss you, and all of Braham's nest.

17th-Jun-2007 04:50 am - No more ruffled feathers
Being a parent is the hardest job
this planet offers -
it's so hard to let go
when it's their turn to fly
and soar -
in wonderment
or turbulence.

Have faith then -
the same Everlasting Father
who protects you
from loving them too much
would not give you more loneliness
than you can bear -
so relax now
in the comfort of His faithful love -

and believe,
He's sent another one of His to you
to say:
I, too, have one who's flown away -
he's my heart
I think about him every day

and I think of God now in a different way -
today I'll talk to Him in prayer
and I'll ask Him - as I always do -
to send me gifts of flowers and friends
to soothe me
when I'm feeling low and oh so blue,
without the presence of My Heart - my son
and pray He does the same for you -

sometimes I wonder -
does God get lonely, too?

15th-Jun-2007 10:15 am - This Night's Uplifting

This Night's Uplifting

Night falls,
skin crawls -
face the shadow
on the wall,
wonder why you care at all -
when bed to chair and chair to bed
is all the life left in you.

Hope fails,
life stalls -
the end is hard to shake -
when bed to chair and chair to bed
is all the life left in you.

This life takes leaving,
time unveils one more
unread book left on Life's shelf -
no last dream and no last drink -
no one last glimpse in mirror,
just one last breath,
unhurried -
unheard - 
pluck memory flowers from the air..
welcome death.


Revised 9.27.07
13th-Jun-2007 12:37 am - Remembrance


        I think I'll always remember you
in the early morning hours
just before dawn, when sky
is but a velvet drape, melting
colors soft as raindrops;
a time when everything is
lazy clouds, majestic mountains
splashed across the sky in purple
palette, trees cloaked in sensuous
beauty swaying against indigo skies,
stars like diamonds falling at their feet,
thinking, I'll always remember you
in the early morning hours, when
all I feel is the gentleness
of morning about to awaken,
when all I hear is occasional bird in song,
when all I know is peace within my heart, knowing.

12th-Jun-2007 05:49 am - Critical Mass

Critical Mass

Two red-hot lovers
spontaneous combustion!

12th-Jun-2007 05:43 am - Even Disposition

Even Disposition

flat line,
across your

11th-Jun-2007 08:04 pm - Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

bowl of fruit on the table -
a banana!

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